Why invest in Natural Gas and Standard’s Northern Appalachian, West Virginia Natural Gas project?

Regional Potential:

marcellus shale mapNatural gas deposits are well positioned within the Marcellus-Utica Shale, coalbed methane, and conventional shallow gas strategically located in one of the best natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGl’s) discovery regions in the USA. The potential for considerable growth opportunities in natural gas with excellent development and marketing infrastructure within a pro-energy development environment in Standard Energy’s development area.

Product Potential:

A very active exploration and development region where tens of billions of dollars have been invested over the past 10 years in this region of Northern WV-southwestern PA and Eastern Ohio. An area displaying above average economic potential for natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL’s) near Standard’s project area in WV. Other natural gas products include conventional shallow gas production from multiple “stacked” horizons.

Discovery and development risk:

Considered to be limited primarily to drilling and completion risk and manageable geologic risk. This alternative energy program to include the Marcellus-Utica shale gas production and coalbed methane (CBM) unconventional and conventional shallow gas programs have multistate regional geologic potential for very good growth. Additionally, the geologic environment includes multiple gas bearing horizons that also serves to reduce development risk.


the natural gas field regional development program is located within a strong energy market for natural gas to include the electric utility market as a replacement of coal fired plants, the advent of the construction of new petro-chemical plants by the large petro-chemicals industry. These facilities will be involved in immediate construction in the states of WV and Pennsylvania to utilize these new sources of natural gas and finally the liquid natural gas (LNG) market that is at the point of ascension as a potential future market with recent Congressional approvals of the export of US natural gas production.

Future Market Growth:

Natural gas growth is on the rise because it an abundant very affordable energy source, it is clean burning fuel releasing less environmental emissions, generally 65% less than coal and 23% less than oil. Easily transportable to the end user via pipelines and more recently internationally via liquid natural gas (LNG) transport. Finally the natural gas industry will continue to be a major employer as the industry grows through diversification of natural gas applications as part of the industrial development.

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